Hey. This is my blog. The warts and all, no sacred cows one. It is public, so feel free to quote me. But it's not censored so if you get angry, too bad. I hope there's some learnings in here for others, but mostly it's just a place to post things if I need to link to them.


About me:

I'm called the water maverick. I'm an all round disrupter. My passion is using interfaces to learn to change systems: At once within and apart. My latest project, apart from finishing the neverending PhD, is helping to organise the Debian Developers Conference to be hosted in Cape Town in 2016 (DebConf16). I was part of the TEDxCapeTown team for a while.


While these thoughts are my own, I try to stay sensitive to the fact that it is a public blog, and that these views do influence my other public profiles and roles. Sometimes things slip through, that maybe should have stayed private, but that's part of the game.